Meet the Team: Career Story: Emma Wickham – Recruitment Manager, Science & Engineering

Career Story Emma Wickham

In this article, you’ll meet Azon’s lead in Life Sciences and Manufacturing & Engineering, Emma Wickham. It’s always interesting to hear the career journeys of the team here at Azon, to help get a sense of the calibre and expertise you will meet at Azon.

How long have you been at Azon?

I started at Azon in March 2021. I first joined as a Senior Recruitment Consultant and progressed to a Manager within my first 10 Months in Azon.

Before Azon where had you worked?

I gained my previous experience from working in another recruitment agency. I also had previous experience in Pharmaceutical sales for 4 years after I completed college.

What brought you to Azon?

When I initially interviewed for the role, I felt a huge sense of support from the CEO and also my colleagues. I also felt that there would be an opportunity to grow my own team and have the necessary resources.

My previous role focused more on quantity, not quality. Therefore, I found it even more important to build strong relationships with both my candidates and clients. Azon’s values aligned with mine, making it the perfect fit.

What were some of your first impressions of Azon?

As previously mentioned, the support that was given in the office environment was one of a kind. Everyone is ready to help one another and grow the team. As people are so helpful to one another, there is more of an opportunity for your growth to be recognised, and therefore progress faster within the company.

Why do you think Azon is different from other recruitment companies?

In Azon, there is a major focus on building professional relationships. This leads to finding the right fit for everyone and ensures that the client is happy. It also gives you a chance to get to know what exactly they’re looking for and ensure that the candidate has the right skills and values for the job.

In addition to this, there is a strong team environment at Azon. We love a good friendly competition! 😉

What kind of opportunities are there for recruiters here at Azon?

Due to the clear and attainable targets that are set in Azon, I was able to progress a lot faster than I would have elsewhere. Although this was down to my hard work and determination, I do feel that Azon has a lot to do with how quickly I progressed as I was recognised as a hard worker, who reaches targets set out.

A member of my team was promoted to a Senior Recruitment Consultant within 6 months of joining Azon, which shows evidence of a strong career path.

Within 18 months I’ve grown the team to 7 people (when I started it was just me!). And we’ve expanded into our Limerick office too. We started as a Science desk but now have grown to incorporate Engineering, Supply Chain and Procurement.

What other supports do you find helpful at Azon?

Azon ensures that training is provided with both internal and external partners.As a manager, I ensure that sufficient resources are available, and that I am always available to assist a new hire when they join Azon. I ensure that enough time is set aside for any additional support that is needed.

What do you like most about working at Azon?

The support that is given from a leadership level is really encouraging. The senior management is attentive and willing to take onboard suggestions, I feel supported and listened to. I know that if I have an idea, or ways to improve things within my team, I can speak with Ronan or others on the leadership team and come up with a solution.

The Culture within Azon is a major focus. We ensure that team building is incorporated, as this gives everyone the opportunity to get to know their colleagues on a more personal level and build both personal and professional relationships. Everyone here gets on so well, and there’s always a bit of friendly competition and banter!

What advice would you have for someone considering becoming a recruiter?

Just do it! Although it is a challenging career, the rewards that you receive both financially and within your career are immense.

What words of wisdom would you share with someone just joining the team at Azon?

Build those relationships! They are so invaluable. Whether it is with a cafe down the road, or the person you sit beside, all relationships are important – and who knows, they might have the perfect candidate for you! Secondly, ask questions!

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