What is the best way to start your job search?

With so many options available for jobseekers to start their journey in finding a new role, which methods tend to be preferred?

Senior Recruitment Consultant Justin Gallagher polled his network to find out

35% preferred LinkedIn Job Boards. 

LinkedIn’s popularity as a professional networking hub goes without saying. The platform facilitates easy job searches and valuable connections within your industry. 

39% preferred to go through a recruiter. 

Recruiters can offer insider expertise, personalised guidance, and support throughout the job search and beyond. Recruiters have a relationship with the company you as a jobseeker are applying to and can assist you in preparing to put your best foot forward. By leveraging a recruiter’s industry and company expertise, you are better equipped to find opportunities that suit your requirements than if you were looking on your own. 

18% preferred to apply directly from the company website. 

Building your network through LinkedIn and recruiters is undefinably important, however, applying directly from the company website rather than through a job board showcases one’s particular interest and suitability. Applying directly indicates a direct connection between the jobseeker and company. 

8% preferred Indeed and/or Irish Jobs. 

In Justin’s industry, Funds & Asset Management, these job boards tend to be less popular. Nevertheless, these platforms still serve as valuable resources for jobseekers because they offer a vast array of opportunities across various industries. 

Overall, the results of Justin’s poll underscore the significance of having a multifaceted approach to your job search. Incorporating both online platforms and human interactions through a recruiter can cater to diverse preferences and needs. 

This post was written by Justin Gallagher.

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