How can your team benefit from a contractor?

Recruitment Manager Emma Wickham recently conducted a LinkedIn poll about the benefits of contracting for candidates.

There were no surprises in the results which showed that candidates’ main priorities tend towards money and flexibility.

These not only benefit the contractor, but the employer as well.


Hiring a contractor poses fewer risks to the employer. They can hire short- or medium-term contracts with no commitment or expectations. This gives the employer a chance to gauge the contractor’s performance before making any long-term commitments. If all goes well, the contractor can be kept on for longer than the initial period or can be changed to a company full-time employee if both sides are happy.

Cost Benefits

Contractors can offer cost-effective solutions. Although they require a higher hourly pay rate, the company does not have to pay employment taxes such as PRSI, holiday pay, sick pay or provide additional benefits like pensions or health insurance.


Contractors are highly experienced and can hit the ground running. They bring a specific skill set which can be used to up-skill the current workforce. Hiring a contractor will often bring a different perspective to any ongoing issues and help with problem solving.

Quicker Recruitment Process

Since there is no long-term commitment, the recruitment process is often much shorter and effective.

To learn how Azon can assist you in finding contract solutions for your business, see our Contracting Primer.

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