Azon Core Values

Our CORE values are embedded deep in our company culture and inform all of our day-to-day dealings, with clients, candidates, vendors and each other.

While we endeavour to live by these values every day, they also represent elements of our business that we are dedicated and driven to improve in both the long and short term. They give us the guidance to grow our business in a sustainable and ethical way.


We help each other out, support each other and share information. We provide time, effort, and resources to develop our partners and empower them to achieve their goals. We build genuine relationships based on trust and understand that the scale of our goals requires us to work together.


We are clear and transparent in our communication. We enable our partners to make the right decisions based on accurate and complete information.


We are welcoming and inclusive to everyone, without exception. We believe that every individual deserves equal opportunity and respect without judgement.


We strive for greatness. We set high standards and deliver on them. We build each other up when rising to challenges and collectively celebrate each other’s achievements. We continuously learn and evolve, quickly course-correcting when mistakes are made.

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