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Women in the Construction Industry

It is well known that women in the Construction industry are a rarity – the sector is predominately male orientated. There is currently 136,000 people in the sector and only 8% of those are women – which equates to just 10,880.

How is it that in a country where women outnumber men at a ratio of approximately 98 men to every 100 women, there are still so few females entering the Construction world?

There are many possible explanations for this but one of the most prominent is the fact that women rarely see the Construction industry as an appealing career move – it is known as a “man’s world”.  From a young age it is never encouraged or put forward as an option for many girls, and as they grow older any interest they may have had becomes diluted and they look to other options that are steered towards them.

Since becoming a Recruitment Consultant for Construction here in Azon, it has become quite apparent that the reason for the lack of women in this industry is not because they are losing out on roles to men: it is simply because there are no female candidates available for these positions.

This leads me back to my original statement; young girls are not being encouraged to follow careers in Construction.


The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) recently commissioned DKM to produce a report, titled “Demand for Skills in Construction to 2020” which revealed that the Construction industry could increase by 33% in the next 3 years. There is an estimated 112,000 additional employees required to support this rapidly growing industry in Ireland – so why exclude over 50% Ireland’s population?

It is time to encourage women to want to pursue a career in Construction, regardless of whether that is as a Site Engineer, a Labourer or even a Project Manager. Luckily, there are networks out there such as “Chicks With Bricks” and role models such as Krystyna Linkowska, Associate Director at LMC Engineering, who are pushing the boundaries and laying the foundations to pave the way for future and current women in Construction.


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