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The mentoring process is absolutely the most rewarding part of being a recruiter. This is doubly true for the area I work in, temporary & contract staff.

Temporary & contract work can help people who wish to make a career change, it can build and instill confidence in people who have been out of the workforce long-term and it can provide industry experience to a person who may have struggled to gain permanent work.

I plunge myself into their world finding out who they really are, what they like and dislike about the role they have just started or how the current environment differs to old working settings.

Advising on a job is one thing but true mentoring is so much more. I have been extremely lucky throughout my time as a recruiter in the temporary & contract industry as it has allowed me to broaden my mentoring ability far beyond this.

Moving up through mentoring

The most rewarding mentoring experience I had didn’t just impact the person professionally. Thanks to them being open and receptive to advice, they managed to change some habits that were holding them back.They were quickly promoted to manager and now have moved onto a more senior position in another company. To this day we keep in touch and it is things like this that truly make loving my job so much easier

Treating others as #EqualForEqual

Being a mentor starts with treating others as equals. Understanding their struggles, listening, and giving back. My job is so much more than finding a job for a candidate. It’s about doing everything I can to set them up for success well into the future, no matter who they are or what they do.

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