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Hi Joy and welcome to Azon! So you joined our Legal team and have been working in the area for a while. Are there any changes or trends you’ve picked up on in that time?

Thank you, I am delighted to be here! In relation to trends – absolutely. Company Secretary, it’s the hot job to be in at the moment, especially at the 1-4 year mark.

Salaries are extremely competitive, there are so many excellent opportunities across all industries for career progression and there is a fantastic social element in the Co Sec space too.

Is there a feeling of being back at square one, despite having the experience working in Legal?

There are definitely challenges; learning a new system, building a candidate and client base. Thankfully having prior experience in a Legal division has given me a lot more confidence in recruiting within all these areas.

At the end of the day the reason I moved into recruitment was because I love people and being able to help people and that hasn’t changed.

Are there any new opportunities you are looking forward to?

Yes I am looking forward to gaining more experience working with Qualified Solicitors, it’s an exciting area of the industry that I’ve been studying for quite a while!

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