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Get your CV in top shape for 2019 with these tips! Genevive Davis is a Recruitment Consultant on our Banking Team, and like most recruiters has seen her fair share of CVs and has shared some of her insights and done some mythbusting on the subject.


The value of an effective CV cannot be understated. As a recruiter, I can look at dozens of them every day and thousands every year. It’s not easy having to sum up your entire professional career in 2 pages or less but there’s some quick wins you can pick up to put yourself instantly ahead of the pack.

I’ve compiled some common sense, easy to implement tips that can apply to any industry or sector. I hope they can help you realize your career goals in 2019!

Top CV tips for 2019:

  • Always include a personal profile – This is a very important paragraph in your CV as it is the first thing a potential employer will read. Make it clear, concise and to the point, highlighting specific qualities and achievements. Think of it as your own personal elevator pitch, short, memorable, to the point!
  • Do not include a headshot – Unless you are going for a career in modeling, a headshot is a needless waste of space on a CV! Efficiency is key here, and a poorly formatted image may be an instant no from a recruiter.
  • Show real results – When giving examples of your past experience always remember to back it up with facts. What metrics did you move, who liked working with you, how did you make the project a success? References can be key here for roles where showing numbers going up is difficult.
  • Always use a professional email address – Seems obvious, right? You would be surprised at the amount of people who hold on dearly to their original email account from back in the day. Email addresses are free and easy to create, there’s no excuse!
  • Tailor your CV to match that of the job spec – Your CV needs to contain the skills and experience that the employer is looking for. Have a look through the job spec and pick out what’s relevant to that job on your CV.
  • Keep the layout simple – Break it up into distinct sections (Profile > Experience > References). Bullet points only, don’t start writing paragraphs. Avoid any long gaps between information. Brevity is the soul of wit but it’s also the way of modern life.
  • Make it readable – Choose a readable font. Make sure to keep font sizes consistent between headings and body text. This is another place where having a second pair of eyes look it over can help.
  • Keep it concise – Keep your CV to roughly 2 pages. Remember – most people looking at it will be churning through many, many CVs. Something something brevity!
  • Spelling – Seems like an obvious one but always remember to double check the spelling before sending out a CV, nothing looks worse to a potential employer then a CV with spelling mistakes. Get someone else to look over the whole thing, you never know what you might miss!
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