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Azon’s Head of Emerging Technologies James Alexander discusses the findings of a recent survey conducted by Azon Digital, the specialist tech recruitment arm of Azon Group.


Ireland has undoubtedly established itself as a tech hub for Europe in recent years. We have been consistently attracting major players and investors who have setup European HQ’s and data centres around the country, while indigenous companies are also experiencing huge growth. As a result Ireland is experiencing unprecedented demands for technology talent.

I sought the views of hiring managers across Ireland within many technology verticals on this, as I wanted to find out the impact a talent shortage would have on their growth plans, including their process and challenges when hiring from outside Ireland. A total of 509 hiring managers responded to the online survey, providing a substantial sample size to base our findings and demonstrating that the topic of sourcing, attracting and retaining top tech talent in Ireland is an important subject matter.

The demand for tech talent is vastly outweighed by supply.

Below are our research findings:

84.5% of technology leaders don’t feel that Ireland is producing enough tech talent to meet the growing demands.

90% of respondents are currently hiring (or plan to hire) talent from across the EU in order to meet their growth plans. Of these, 78% are of the view that Ireland is an attractive destination for EU Talent.

77% of respondents are currently hiring (or plan to hire) talent from outside the EU which is indicative of the skills shortage, given the current elongated visa processing times. Two-thirds of these respondents are of the view that the current work permit application process in Ireland for non-EU nationals is too cumbersome, in particular the critical skills processing times.

84.5% of respondents are of the view that there is an opportunity for the Irish Government to improve its immigration policy in order to attract the best Talent from around the world.  Given Brexit, and tighter visa restrictions in the US and Australia, Ireland is now viewed by respondents as being in a prime position to take advantage and attract Talent seeking to move to an English-speaking developed nation.

Overall  Conclusions:

The survey results overwhelming suggest that Technology Leaders are of the view that Ireland isn’t producing enough tech talent to meet the demands of the market. The greater number of survey respondents believe Ireland is an attractive destination for EU talent which is positive. This is despite the cost of living, accommodation challenges and high income tax issues that were highlighted as potential deterrents. Most of the respondents are having to hire from outside the EU in order to meet their growth objectives, however lengthy Work Permit/Visa processing times is obstructing employee recruitment.

The 3-4 month wait for critical skills Work Permits is delaying projects within these Tech organisations. The majority of hiring managers who hire from outside the EU believe that the immigration policy in Ireland needs to be reviewed in order to attract non- EU talent, in particular multi-entries for children and spouse.


Should you have any questions in relation to this survey or perhaps you’d like to discuss the findings in more depth, feel free to reach-out directly to James via jalexander@azondigital.io for a confidential discussion.


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