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At our latest event on the Sustainability of Talent in Limerick, we invited an expert panel to share their knowledge to help employers secure and retain talent in their organisations. Two key takeaways from the seminar are as follows:

Work permit applications – secure Trusted Partner status to expedite onboarding of new employees

During a presentation by Ananta Kaur, Employee Relations Executive, IBEC and the Q&A session that ensued, it became clear that a ‘no brainer’ for employers who intend on hiring new employees is to avail of the Trusted Partner Initiative (TPI), which expedites the permit application process for Non-EEA nationals.

At Azon Recruitment Group, we have seen significant employers lose new potential hires due to delays in processing work permits. This is very frustrating for an employer after having successfully concluded a recruitment process, the employer very often has to commence the process from the start again.

To avail of TPI status, the employer completes and submits a form to the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation to apply for Trusted Partner status in advance of hiring. Once granted, the employer can enjoy fast turnaround of registration (2 days), reduced paperwork and faster turnaround on employment permit applications (8-10 days). Without TPI status, there is an 11-week waiting time for Standard Permit Applications. There is no fee required to apply and once granted, Trusted Partner status is given for 2 years, and can then be renewed.

Get in touch with your contact at Azon Recruitment Group to find out more about TPI.

Talent Development Supports

Separately Joe Leddin, Manager Mid-West Region Skills Forum, highlighted a broad number of Talent Development supports available to employers to facilitate the training, upskilling and onboarding of employees. For example, Digital Upskilling courses for Manufacturing companies and Government funded Part-Time Higher Education and Further Education Courses are available.

It is evident to Azon Recruitment Group that a large number of employers in Ireland, particularly SMEs, who qualify for Talent Development supports, are not availing of these. At the same time, the feedback from employers who have made use of these supports has been very positive and the impact they have had on employee welfare and productivity has far outweighed the low cost to the employer. You can find out more about the Regional Skills Forum and Talent Development supports here.


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