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Our Consultant Gillian Scanlan gives her insights into Summer hiring processes.


Although the perception is that recruitment processes slowdown in the Summer months, it is actually a great time to apply for positions for many reasons. Some companies follow a specific recruiting cycle that will cause certain months to be more fruitful than others but that doesn’t mean that you should plan to abandon your job hunt until September. Hiring managers are looking for top talent now, if they have any opening, they do not wait to hire.

There is Less Competition

As people are away there is less competition due to the reduction in applications. If everyone has the assumption that Summer is a bad time to look for a job, you’ll have less people to compete with.

Hiring Managers Are Often Less Busy

You will find that many hiring managers have their Out of Office on, however many candidates can benefit from summer hiring, as the hiring managers they are meeting with are not heavily involved in year-end related projects or the tax season. The less demands a hiring manager has, the more time and attention they can give to filling any open positions. This means your application has a better chance of being reviewed quickly rather than being pushed aside.

Great time to Join a Company

As summer time tends to be less busy, it can be a great time to join a company as work slows down there will be more time to get to know other colleagues. In addition, many companies have summer social events during summer which is a great way to be introduced into a company.

The market is strong across multiple industries for Qualified and Part Qualified Accountants, so it could be a great time to get on the search for a new role. At Azon we are currently working with a variety of SME’s and MNC’s who are looking for candidates who are experienced AP Specialists, Payroll Specialists, Assistant Accountants, FP&A Analysts, and Financial and Managements Accountants across the following industries;

  • Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Event Management
  • Retail

Gillian Scanlan | Recruitment Consultant | Azon Recruitment Group | Accounting and FinanceDo not miss the opportunity to find the perfect role for you this Summer, please get in touch via email or on the phone for a confidential chat to discuss your opportunities – gscanlan@azon.ie, 016909705.












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