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In our Spotlight On Series this week we catch up with Apryl Ware, Azon’s Finance Lead. Get to know her better in the interview below.


Give us your CV in 30 seconds. 

Travelled the world working as cabin crew with Emirates Airline, based out of Dubai.

Came home to Limerick, I did two Degrees. First was in Counselling and Psychotherapy which was amazing to study, everyone should do it! Afterwards I realised I didn’t want to work as a Counsellor, I knew then I wanted to work in the exhilarating business world. I studied HR in the University of Limerick. Worked as a HR officer and then found the Agency Recruitment world and never looked back or considered doing anything else.

I’ve specialised in various area’s over the last number of years including Accountancy & Finance, HR and Office Support. I managed a team in a regional office of an international recruitment business before moving to Azon Recruitment Group in Feb of this year.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love brushing my teeth! Aw no, I love what I do, I find it extremely stimulating and the work is so varied. Some days I wake up excited to meet a certain client or visit a new organisation or we could be attending or hosting an event. We recently went to a Munster Match with a group of clients and had a fantastic day out! Its great!

Other days I may not have any meetings, so I get a full day in the office where we spend a lot of time laughing! I am very lucky that I get to work with some extremely talented amazing individuals whom I learn a lot from.

Apryl Ware - Finance Lead | Azon

What opportunities have come your way since joining Azon? 

Well its just so exciting being part of a relatively new organisation. Its granted me the opportunity to use my experience to date to help shape the culture and the processes at Azon.

I have the opportunity and determination to build the Accountancy & Finance, HR and Office Support functions for the regions offering clients and candidates a top-class service.

Most of all I get to build and be part of a winning team of likeminded people who are all on the same journey. Azon has arrived and as I believe Kevin Halligan said, World domination with Azon Recruitment’.

What is the primary role of your team? 

My focus will be building out my team in the areas of Accountancy & Finance, HR and Office Support across Munster and Connacht. Our primary goal is to offer both our candidates and clients the best service, to really partner with them and build long lasting relationships.

What does it take to become a part of your team?

Ambition, a positive attitude, self-awareness, desire to learn and continuously grow. Resilience and determination.

Quickfire Round

  1. Ideal CV – one page or two?

Either or, I have no issue with three or four pages. It depends on the level of experience of the candidate and what is relevant. Part of the service we provide is consultative, so I would often make suggestions to my candidates on the length, layout or content within there CV depending on the position I was representing them on.

  1. In an interview, are you good cop or bad cop? 

Good cop, I try to put people at ease and relate to them. Most people don’t love interviews so by putting one at ease I feel you can ascertain better how relevant they are for a role. You get a better sense of their experience and their own future career desires.

  1. Do it now or do it later?

Depends on what ‘it’ is. Urgency is key in Recruitment. If we are talking about administration work I tend to leave that till later. Being able to prioritise each day, each hour is vital, and I have seen this as the difference between good and great Recruiters.

  1. Describe your career to date in one sentence: 

Varied and then Recruitment was like coming home!

  1. Call or Email?

Call, email, potentially send a text message and then call again.

  1. Favourite social media platform? 

YouTube, from watching Ted Talks (highly recommend Ken Robbinson, ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’) to listening to my darling Gareth Brooks.

  1. Biggest turnoff on a CV? 

Pictures, charts, boxes. Keep it simple.

  1. What quote do you live by? 

I love my quotes; can I pick three!? “One day at a time” … “What you think about, you bring about” … “Nether success or failure is necessarily permanent”.

  1. Favourite part of a working week?

Thursday mornings, people’s moods are starting to elevate, and you can start referring to the weekend plans! Plus, you still have enough time to focus and make a good working week great and a great week epic!

  1. Your 5 year plan in 5 words: 

Love, laugh, learn, grow, empower.


Looking for a Finance, Accounting or Office Support job?
Get in touch with Apryl Ware now via: aware@azon.ie or call 061-541283.


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