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Azon’s Funds and Asset Management desk is one of the busiest areas of our Financial Services offering. Senior Consultant on the team, Kevin Halligan, sat down for an informal chat about the sector, and how he got into the world of Recruitment.

Kev, give us your CV in 30 seconds:

After finishing my Degree in Finance in DCU I joined the graduate programme in the Asset Management department of Bloxham Stockbrokers. After that I spent a few years in Bank of America Merrill Lynch leading a team in Cash and Custody Operations, before I decided to make the leap into Recruitment.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Genuinely coming into work in Azon. I’ve never had a job where I looked forward to the day as much!

What opportunities have come your way since joining Azon?
I’ve been given the chance to lead a team in the Funds and Asset management department of Azon, focusing on recruiting top talent for our clients.
What is the primary role of your team? 

We work with the top Fund Administrators, Investment Banks and Asset Managers to recruit for their teams in Ireland the UK and across Europe.

Kevin Halligan | Funds and Asset Management | Senior Recruiter | Azon Recruitment Group
What does it take to become a part of your team? 

Personality, analytical skills and a strong academic background to understand the technical needs of our clients who service the top hedge funds globally.

Quickfire Round 
1. Ideal CV – one page or two? One for me. Usually (not always!) if someone is confident enough to condense their CV to one page then they will be a strong candidate.
2. In an interview, are you good cop or bad cop?  I don’t look at it that way, but I will get to the bottom of your experience and what you are looking for.
3. Do it now or do it later? Now, always!
4. Describe your career to date in one sentence: All roads lead to recruitment.
5. Call or Email? Call. Way more efficient.
6. Favourite social media platform? Instagram. There’s too much information I don’t need to know on Facebook and Twitter! And LinkedIn is an obvious choice as well.
7. Biggest turnoff on a CV? Poorly laid out with boxes and charts all over it. Keep it simple!
8.What quote do you live by? Doubt is only removed by action.
9. Favourite part of a working week? Fridays. People make decisions on Fridays.
10. Your 5 year plan in 5 words: World domination with Azon Recruitment 🙂

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Kevin Halligan can be reached via khalligan@azon.ie.

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