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Working in a Shared Service Centre

Shared Service Centres offer a cost-effective, efficient and consistent platform for service delivery and they have become a popular choice for transactional finance professionals to work in. In Ireland the number of Shared Service Centres have grown in recent years creating more jobs for those seeking work in the finance sector, especially for multi linguists.  Although many candidates stir away from SSC environments, there are a number of positives associated with working in them and in my opinion the opportunities they provide for future progression are endless.


The typical shared service environment can be challenging for employees due to their fast pace and strict deadlines working with multiple time zones. However, this exposure offers candidates the opportunity to develop skills quickly at a rate that may not be possible in other environments. Not only will they perfect their ability to work with a high volume of work under pressure but future employers will look for candidates with these skills, which can positively impact their next career move and open up their world of future opportunities.


The workplace in a Shared Service Centre can offer its employees diversity, as teams can be divided up by different multilingual specialists, this offers candidates the opportunity to mix with a vast amount of other cultures, providing them with the opportunity to learn about and mix with people from all over the world.

Team Player

A common requirement seen on a job spec is “must be a team player” and what better way to demonstrate this by showing you worked as part of a large team in a shared service centre. Typically SSC’s are made up of large teams varying from AP to AR to payroll depending on the company, being able to work collectively in a demanding environment strengthens your profile as a strong team player.

Future Progression

Many Shared Service Centres are part of global brands which are recognisable by future employers. Having a household name on your CV will put you at the forefront of the employment market allowing you to progress at a faster rate and hopefully provide you with the chance to work in the company of your choice.


Having a flexible schedule is something everyone wants however this is not attainable in every company. As working with different time zones is a key feature in many SSC’s many companies offer their employees the freedom to start and finish work earlier if they chose, making coming to work a more positive experience knowing you will not be stuck in gridlock on your return journey.


Gillian Scanlan is Azon’s consultant for Accounting and Finance.
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