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What are your career goals for 2019?

What are your career goals in 2019? As a Recruiter I often hear candidates share with me what they want to do next and talk about their dream job. However, they don’t always have a plan to get there.

Perhaps next year you are looking to progress in your current organisation, get stuck into a new project or move to a new job in a new organisation. Regardless of what your vision is, it is important to act now and here are a few key steps that will help you succeed.

What is your intent, your goal?

If you don’t know where you want to get to, you won’t know if you get there or you may never get there. Clement Stone is quoted in the ground-breaking book The Secret saying, “Whatever the mind….. can conceive it can achieve”.

Whether your next career move is internal or external you firstly need to identify what that goal is, believe it is possible and then you should map the steps out to reach it.

Maybe you’re ready to take on a management position but need experience leading a team or maybe you want to change careers but need to up-skill and do a course. If you applied for your dream job tomorrow what is missing from your CV? What experience do you need? Can you gain this experience through your current employer? For example, if you work as an internal recruiter but really want to move into HR, you could ask your Manager could you start getting some exposure on the HR side. You could potentially sit in on HR investigations or assist on Employee engagement strategies.

Power of Planning

Once you’ve identified where you want to go a well thought out plan will give you both direction and structure. Write down what you want to achieve in the given period, six months, year and you can break it down by a week to week guide. Our CEO Ronan Colleran in Azon Recruitment Group advised us before that every Sunday evening he works out his top 2/3 priorities for the week ahead. I personally do a to do list in my diary before I leave the office every evening so I’m ready to get stuck in the following morning. Find out what works best for you.

Knowledge is Power – Invest in Yourself

Research, investigate, and talk to people who can educate you around your desired goal. We have all heard the phrase knowledge is power. The more you can find out about a role, company, industry, the more capable you will be to set and achieve targets around this.

When I say invest in yourself, I don’t necessarily mean to you need to spend money. Perhaps taking a course is the best root however there is often other avenues you can take to get the skills you need.

Take full advantage of any internal learning opportunities. Learning & Development is a key focus for many Organisations. You should avail of any lunch and learns, online courses or training that is provided. Ask for the opportunity to job shadow or consider getting a mentor who can really enhance one’s development.

If you want to move jobs, meet with a specialised Recruiter in your area who has key intel on your specific industry / sector. While preparing to apply for new roles with other companies, do your research on the company, their culture, projects they may be working on and look at their competitors. Attend networking events where you can increase your connections in your industry.

Positive Mindset

Having already quoted The Secret in this blog I feel obliged to create one heading for positive mindset. I feel this is the most important ingredient in the journey of achieving one’s goals. Let’s face it, moving jobs is scary, moving out of one’s comfort zone and setting goals to develop is brave. I hear people tell me all the time how they are ambitious and want to progress however there is often an enormous fear when it comes to asking the boss for a promotion, applying for that new job or even accepting that new job offer.

Believe in yourself and what you are capable of. Change is good, embrace it, challenge yourself. If you are not moving forward where are you going? We all get knock backs along the way, you may not get offered the job you really wanted, someone else in your office may get the promotion you thought you deserved. You get criticised in a review. Setbacks are part of most successful peoples’ stories and if viewed strategically they can increase one’s determination when channelled the right way.

In today’s economy the job market in Ireland is seriously hot, the opportunities are endless. Take a moment during the holiday season to reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go next. Make honest targets, stay focused on your plan, acknowledge your successes along the way and aim high.

You are the only one who can create the career you want and deserve,

So, what are you waiting for?


                Apryl Ware | Azon Recruitment
Apryl Ware is Azon’s HR Lead.
Get in touch with her now via aware@azon.ie for a confidential chat about your next career move.

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