Profiles in #BuildingEquality – Audrey Palmer

Audrey Palmer was an IT Manager at CBRE for 29 years.

Did you attend a college/university? If so, what did you study?

I did a degree in Information Systems in TCD and a Masters in Information Systems in UCD

How did you make the move into the construction industry? 

I started working for a residential and commercial real estate company (Gunne Estate agents, now Quillsen) setting up personalised emails and desktops – everything needed to enable the company to exchange information as quickly as possible.

I became the Gunne ICT Lead in the development, design and integration of, a joint venture with DNG and Sherry Fitzgerald. When the company was bought out by CBRE in 2006 I remained on as IT Manager.

Would you recommend a move to construction to other women? If so, is there any advice you could share in relation to making the move?

I would definitely recommend a career in the construction/property sector. Women can bring so much to these industries based on their knowledge and experience. IT, sales and marketing, HR, finance experience is all highly transferable. You don’t have to be tied to any particular industry.

My advice is to constantly upskill – never stop learning and follow your interests. You have so much to offer when you have an arsenal of knowledge to bring to any project.

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