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I have been lucky to have been exposed to some inspiring and ambitious women throughout my life.

I grew up in an environment of playing GAA with women coaches and mentors that instilled great values and ethics that have stood by me to this day in my career as a recruiter and manager. When I started in Recruitment I worked in an international  business that had a majority of females in leadership roles. As a young woman beginning her career it was encouraging to see this – that the sky was the limit in terms of your career progression.

After returning back to Dublin from New York and recruiting for Legal professionals in the Dublin market again, I was excited to recruit in an industry where Ireland has led the way in gender equality. Once a career largely dominated by men, new figures published by the Law Society revealed 52% of practicing solicitors are now women.

Building a team

When I was promoted to Manager here at Azon, I got the the opportunity to hire a team. After a speedy recruitment process we recruited Joy Russell and Ciara Cullivan. It has been very rewarding to work alongside an ambitious team and to mentor, support and guide them. It is also great to see an all women team become successful and have a great impact and input on the business as a whole.

Family, equality and opportunity

We speak to hard working, accomplished Legal professionals and often hear of the struggles they have faced in trying to balance career progression with raising a family. As a team, we are very passionate about informing our clients of these concerns.

We guide them on equality and how to best attract and retain female candidates. Work-life balance is becoming more and more important across all industries. It’s just one element of creating a more equal and diverse workforce, but one where a lot of progress is being made.

A long way to go with a solid foundation

Moving into management has been a big learning curve for me personally, and certainly not without it’s struggles.  I have to agree that we do have a long way to go across the board in gaining more equality throughout all industries. Something that this year’s IWD theme has drawn from is the concept of “Collective Individualism” – that we can all take small actions to contribute to a greater change.

I think my coaches from back in the day, and my female managers at the start of my career embodied that. It never seemed like an insurmountable task to move upwards in the world of work thanks to them and their mentorship.

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