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At our most recent event, Governing Your Career 2019 in partnership with the ICSA, it was clear that there is a buoyant careers market for Company Secretaries. Through our talks we examined the market and rapid growth we are seeing in Dublin and examined the routes to qualification, and the importance of the ICSA in your career.

ICSA Routes to Qualification

We opened the evening with John Burns from ICSA examining the two routes to qualification: the ICSA qualifying Programme and the ICSA’s postgraduate partnership with the University of Ulster. Through this postgraduate course, students with 3 years relevant work experience can qualify as a chartered company secretary with the ICSA. Alongside this, for existing ICSA chartered members, there are niche short courses to develop and progress skills that can help budding new Company Secretaries get an educational insight into careers in governance.  Areas covered include financial compliance, corporate law, education, sports and health service governance.

He went onto speak about the importance of the ICSA and how education shows that Company Secretaries are gaining the knowledge, skills and experience to undertake roles with significant and wide-ranging responsibilities. As the market grows quickly it is important to have the knowledge and skills to push careers forward.

If you’re thinking about qualifying and what route to take, then visit the ICSA qualfications page for more information on its qualifying programme, short course qualifications and details about the postgraduate programmes with their university partners. For details of the full range activities of the ICSA Irish region for members and students check out their website or contact them at: president@icsacharteredsecretaries.ie.

Market Growth

Lisa McCarthy, Senior Legal Recruitment Consultant at Azon Recruitment Group, then went on to speak about the expanding Company Secretarial market in Ireland and especially Dublin in 2019. She has seen a huge demand for people with the skillset, especially between 1-5 years’ experience and with a funds industry focus.

Reasons For Demand

There are three main reasons for the growing demand within the Company Secretary space; Companies Act 2014, GDPR and Brexit. So far, Ireland has been the clear winner when it comes to winning business as a result of Brexit, with the IDA stating “70 individual investments related to Brexit, with over 5,000 associated jobs, have been approved since the UK’s EU referendum in June 2016”*

There is continued optimism with a large amount of companies committed to either opening offices in Ireland or increasing headcount.  This is due to the common language, time zone, cultural similarities, common legal system, as well as it’s close proximity to the UK. As a result, there are a large amount of new and exciting opportunities within the Company Secretarial space with both multinational and domestic companies.

Impact On Salaries 

This has had a direct effect on salaries within the space. There has been a steady increase in Company Secretary and Governance professionals salaries over the past three to five years. We would typically see a 10-30% increase in salary if a candidate moves job or gets promoted. In some extreme cases we have even seen 40-50% increase on salary when making a move but this is in extreme demand sectors like funds. Again, this is directly related to the high volume of jobs and shortage of candidates with the skillset needed, resulting in a very candidate driven market.

If you are interested in learning more about the Company Secretary market or jobs within the area then please do not hesitate to contact Lisa McCarthy on lmccarthy@azon.ie or on 01 690 9725. You can also view our latest jobs here.

*IDA website, 15th March 2019.

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