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Your inbox is flooded, recruiters are contacting you left right and centre and your partner is preaching progression opportunities if you stay…welcome to the end of your training contract!

So, you want to make the move out of practice and into the big bad Industry world. You most likely got a feel for different types of companies during your audit days that is steering your interests, but what else is on offer?



Aviation & Travel
Aviation and Travel is probably one of the quietest but biggest growers over the last couple of years. Now, more than half of the worlds leased aircrafts are owned or managed out of Ireland with Dublin being home to Ryanair, Aer Lingus, SMBC and Avolon.

House-building activity increased by more than 30% in 2016 – January alone saw a record growth in the numbers employed in the construction sector. Although not as strong a trend in 2017, the growth in this area calls for more than labourers; accountants within these construction companies and analysts to look at potential investments are required too.

Energy Solutions
Over the last 15 years Ireland has witnessed the growth of renewable electricity and in 2015 had the second highest penetration of wind generation in the EU. By 2020 16% of Ireland’s energy is required to be delivered from renewable sources.

Although there was a decline in mergers and acquisitions funding there is an opposite trend for global venture capital reaching a record of $13.6 billion in 2016, which suggest Fintech to be a very attractive sector in the near future.

ICT & Digital Technologies
Ireland is the second largest exporter of tech services in the world and is home to nine of the top ten tech companies. Funds raised for tech starts ups in Ireland increased by 70% in 2016. Tech companies are probably one of the most sought-after employers mainly due to their ever-evolving product and service offering, along with their friendly and hip culture inside the office.

Life Sciences
The life science sector in Ireland is booming and as a result, a record €888 million was raised by Irish SME Firms with over half going to Life Science sector. The sector exports more than €50 billion annually and directly employs over 50,000 people in MNC and indigenous companies.

If any of these have peeked your interests, get in touch to chat confidentially about how to make that leap.

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