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Whilst the guys in the office usually use Rugby or other sports references as an analogy for recruitment, being one of the of the women I thought I would take a more feminine approach and go as far as to say that as a Recruitment Consultant here at Azon I see myself as a ‘Cupid of Employment’. Let me explain…

The job search I think can be compared quite closely to dating. Much like somebody catching your eye from across the room, that initial attraction is what grabs your attention. This would be the company, the brand or a “sexy” job title. There was something that appealed to you, something that made you want to find out more.

You take the plunge, ask for their number or see if they’d like to get a coffee sometime. Much like applying to that business. I mean what the hell? If you don’t try you never know, right? It may be the case that you get rejected. You just might not be their type, or maybe they already have somebody filling that space in their life. However this could be your lucky day where they want to get to know you more and so the dating begins. This brings us onto Stage 2 – the interview process.

The Process

Much like the first date there is a lot of preparation involved (for girls anyway). You might do a bit of a background check on the company, or a little creep on Social Media, pick out the right outfit, do your hair and all that other jazz. The day comes. You’re nervous but ready, what if they don’t like you? What if you say something utterly ridiculous?

This can go on for number of weeks. It may only take one date to know that it’s not going to work out, or it could be the case you are soul mates – a perfect match. It’s rare but happens on occasion. You could meet several times before you really know if it’s right for you. This process could repeat itself several times and you still risk not finding that fuzzy feeling. This is when you start to give up and sooner or later end up in a one bed flat with ten cats!

The beauty of using Azon recruitment agency, much like a dating website (but a lot less cheesy with a lot less judgement) is that we get to know you. Yes you…not just what you have printed on a piece of paper. We want to know your likes, dislikes, what you consider your ‘type’, what you’re good at and what qualities are deal breakers for you. On the client side we take note of what they look for in a perfect candidate; personality, qualifications, how experienced they are (no innuendo intended there!). Then, like any good site with a decent algorithm, we play match maker. We want you both to happy together. Work in sync with each other. Be better together than you were apart.

When you are with somebody you love much like having a have a job you love, it shouldn’t feel like work. It should be exciting, challenging and never boring. Here at Azon we take the hassle out of the search by finding your perfect match.

Katie Barrett is Azon’s Senior Recruiter for Accounting.
Get in touch with her here.
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