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I was fortunate to commence my career as a Nurse where I was surrounded by a largely female dominated profession.

Here I learned so much from these professionals and watched these women forge careers in an environment that challenged physically, mentally and emotionally on a daily basis. My nursing mentors were my tutors, my managers, my colleagues, my peers. Basically, anyone that I could learn from and who would offer support during that 12-hour working shift that sometimes felt might never end.

Making a career change

The qualities that I learned from them are amazing transferable skills to bring to the world of recruitment. Having a strong work ethic, resilience, tenacity, ability to stay calm and most importantly the ability to get back up and start again when things fall apart. Lastly but by no means least – to retain the ability to laugh and enjoy the people that you work with.

My mentors helped shape and guide my career path, encouraged my travels to the States, encouraged me to start my degree and even stood by me when I made the choice to leave the world of clinical nursing and research to pursue commercial opportunities.

Mentoring in HR

I currently mentor one of the most promising HR grads that I have ever worked with. When she asked me for advice and guidance, I knew I wanted to give back, passing on that same support I got throughout my career.

I am hoping that the skills, guidance, support and laughter that I shared with my mentors will be something that I can transfer to my mentee. I am very much looking forward to watching her career progress.

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