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Uncertain times

As the Corona Virus affects all our lives it is important to take some time to reflect but equally to look ahead and plan. Some of the most responsible and forward-thinking companies have displayed their forward thinking mentality through comprehensive disaster planning. A recent example would be the All-England Lawn Tennis Club, organisers of Wimbledon. 17 years ago, they took out pandemic insurance to cover the cancellation of the tournament. However, as you may have noticed things elsewhere have not been quite so smooth. Over the last number of weeks, we have seen many companies impose hiring freezes and/or pull back open roles from the market. There has never been a harder time to plan for the future.

Keeping projects moving

Understandably, it is hard to press the green button for permanent recruitment, especially when we are unaware of how the current five phase plan will play out. What would the outlook be if Ireland had another peak of cases? Given the hopefully temporary nature of the current situation, temporary or contract staffing solutions can help you ensure business continuity. These workers can be brought onstream for specific projects which ensures there are enough people to carry out the work without affecting your internal headcount. There are numerous benefits of hiring employees on a temporary or contract basis through an agency:

  • As “HR Business Partners” the agency will deal with any HR related issues involving the temporary or contract employee. This reduces risk and workload for the business.
  • For the client, there is no extra cost for onboarding, compliance, payroll, people management and/or offboarding as this all falls on the agency.
  • Temporary or contract workers can be hired for specific purposes, yet if/when the project ends the client has an option to directly hire the candidate. This provides companies with a “try before you buy” opportunity.
  • Businesses have access to a larger pool of candidates and may attain skills they could not when looking for a permanent hire.
  • Companies gain a “Recruitment Partner” which leads to the recruitment consultant becoming an integral part of the client’s internal recruitment team. This new synergy helps the extended team search for “what good looks like” for that specific business.

At Azon Recruitment, we strive to ensure that all offerings are bespoke and based solely on the requirements of the client. This enables us to offer services to certain clients that others may not need which is why our model was designed.

Advice & Options

There is no cost involved in seeking advice. If you are considering your options and/or looking for solutions I would be happy to talk to you. In these times we must all pull together to help each other out, as it is true what they say #weareallinthistogether

From all of us at Azon Recruitment, please stay safe!

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