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As working from home becomes the norm with the outbreak of Coronavirus, we’ve outlined some tips and techniques that will support you keep your remote recruitment processes moving and help hire the future talent of your business.

No logins, no cost, easy to use: Facetime and Whatsapp to the rescue

There are many options including Facetime, WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE – a plethora of apps on mobile that support video calling for free. Facetime being integrated into iPhones with no need for download means it is an easy to access and use option. These apps are trending as the go-to solution for ease of use and zero cost.

Video conferencing options

There are many video conferencing options on the marketplace – most of them with free access versions. Most MNCs will have a preferred solution, integrated with email and CMS, to ensure that scheduling and notifications are as seamless as possible. They are all usable on mobile as well, which can provide options for those without webcams or built-in microphones on their laptops or desktops.

Supporting the HR function

While HR departments focus on ensuring the transition to remote work, recruiters can:

Help manage processes
Directly engaging with candidates
Organize interviews
Scheduling virtual meetings
Keep lines of communication open

Leverage your employer branding assets

Is your office tour a huge plus in the recruitment process? Make sure to include any video you’ve taken of it if it’s not possible for the candidate to visit.

Photos can help in much the same way, showing off potential new team members, any extra-curricular activities, the work-space and more.

Make sure to circulate any blog or official material that can get across company culture, values and goals. The more touchpoints you can give, the better!

Communication is Key

Whether it’s managing a team that’s remote working or managing a recruitment process, the key is to communicate as much as possible.

Without in the flesh meetings, we need to stay in touch and ensure we provide as much detail as possible. Formal emails aren’t always necessary – utilizing any of the dozens of chat solutions (Google Chat, Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack etc) can help maintain a consistent level of chatter at all times.

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