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With over 40 FDA approved Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies based here in Ireland, candidates have never had more options when it comes to finding a new role. We are hearing a lot in the market about a talent shortage, but what does this mean for the hiring managers in the life sciences sector?

When it comes to finding the best talent, there is no longer a “click and apply” strategy that can be utilized. That way of recruitment has gone the way of the yellow pages; still in circulation but rarely utilized. Hiring managers now need to think differently when it comes to finding the best talent. Here are some solutions to move your strategy from “click and apply” to “attract and attain”.

1 – Keep that LinkedIn fresh

The first and often the easiest option is to utilize LinkedIn. Candidates who I am speaking with often will look to LinkedIn as their first port of call to find out more about an organization. They look for who is working there, who their immediate manager might be or if any former colleagues or fellow alumni might be on the team. Beyond that they will seek to learn more about company culture, attitudes and the working environment. Employer branding has become a key piece in hiring strategies, and an active, updated LinkedIn page is an essential element of this.

2 – Success attracts success

Speaking of employer branding, working with your marketing and communications team is just as important for talent attraction. Candidates are always looking to work with organizations who are working on exciting projects, new products or have an innovative approach which differs from others. Be sure to share your achievements – there is no better pull to a new role than the opportunity to be part of something to be proud of.

3 – Networking isn’t just for candidates

Finally, use your network to know what is happening in the market. By finding out who is hiring, what the market rates for different roles are or if there is a skills gap in the market, you can leverage this information to tailor your recruitment practices. It is an old adage but still true; knowledge is power. Ask your colleagues, see what’s happening on your LinkedIn news feed or ask your recruitment partners as they are speaking to candidates daily.

With announcements of new roles being released on what seems like a weekly basis here in Ireland, it’s time to rethink our approach to recruitment. Through small yet meaningful changes, you can leverage your company’s profile and ensure that you have a pipeline of talent which continues to grow.

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