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Here at Azon Recruitment Group, we are confident 2018 will be a great year for career opportunities.

Our view is that, overall, the employment market will continue its upward trajectory in 2018 – but it will not be without its challenges. Technological disruption will continue to impact the business landscape globally and we are already witnessing displacement of some roles as a result.

Brexit remains the single-most potential fly in the ointment that will hinder the growth of export led SMEs who rely on the UK market. Recovering sectors in Ireland where significant growth will occur in 2018 include Construction and Legal as well as wider Professional Services.

We hope this Salary Guide helps you through 2018 and beyond. We are focused on helping professionals navigate the employment market and are happy to give you the support you need to achieve your career goals in both a sustainable and rewarding way.

Check out whether you are being remunerated appropriately by downloading our free guide HERE.


Azon Team | Jan 2018

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